The Great Outdoors Radio Show: Episode 7 Ryan Higgins

The theme of The Great Outdoors Radio Show is pretty simple:  We like to hunt and fish and everyone likes a good hunting or fishing story.  So, instead of having these conversations around a tailgate, we decided to sit in front of a hot microphone and record them to share with our hunting and fishing loving friends.

In episode 7, we interviewed Ryan Higgins of Sowega Predator Adventures.  Ryan is a professional coyote (Ky-yote as he pronounces it) and wild hog hunter.  His business involves taking folks like me into a field at night and taking out the predators – whether it’s a field of 50 wild hogs decimating a farmer’s crop or a lone coyote working on the turkey and deer population.  This is predator eradication and its ALOT of fun.

Take a listen to the interview.  I think you’ll like it.


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