He Does It Again! Harold Allen Finishes 100 Mile Race in Less than 24 Hours!

As if running 31 marathons in 31 days wasn’t enough, Bainbridge runner Harold Allen has done it again!

Harold recently completed the Southern Discomfort Ultra Marathon in Albany and became the first male runner to finish the course in less than 24 hours! The race, which consisted of 1.1 mile loops in 6 hour intervals, was held in Chehaw Park in Albany in July – quite possibly the hottest time of the year.  And to top it off, Harold’s feet got wet before the race, meaning he’d be suffering even more.

Harold isn’t done yet, though.  He plans to tackle a record total of 200 miles in five days while working full time.  That’s right – Harold will need to average 40 miles per day all the while working a full time job and being a full time father and husband.  You can track Harold progress on his facebook page.

Listen to the full interview with Harold and hear his account of the race and what’s coming next!

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