Good Samaritan? No. Thief? Yes.

Photo Courtesy of Bainbridge Public Safety


On Saturday, August 18th, an unknown white male with a dark beard entered the Bainbridge Walmart wearing tan shorts, a black shirt, a black ball cap, and sunglasses.  The male was standing in a checkout line, along with a 90-year-old female whom he didn’t know.  The male helped the women put her groceries on the the checkout counter for the cashier to ring up.  During this time, the male took the female’s wallet while she was not looking.  The offender then left the store and got into what appears to be a white Nissan Altima, and left the scene.

Any help from the public in identifying the offender would be greatly appreciated.  Please call Bainbridge Public Safety at 229-248-2038 or Officer Jason Barlow at 229-220-9335.

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