8 Year Old boy Donates His Savings to BPS Bahamas Donations Drive

On Monday afternoon, 8-year-old Zaylin Scott stopped by Bainbridge Public Safety and surprised us with a donation of over $100 in cash! Zaylin, a third grader at West Bainbridge Elementary, has been saving the money he made making and selling keychains this summer. He said, “When I heard about Hurricane Dorian wiping out the Bahamas, I knew what I wanted to do with this money. The people of the Bahamas need it more than I do.”

We are so proud of Zaylin, and his huge act of generosity!

Sergeant Chuck Strickland and Officer LaDaric Jones happily accepted the money from Zaylin, and then treated him to a personal tour of Public Safety Headquarters!

*Bainbridge Public Safety is accepting donations of items for the Bahamas through Thursday, September 12th.

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