MARATHON MAN: Bainbridge Runner Harold Allen Runs 31 Marathons in 31 Days

Harold's shoes, brand new when he started, after more than 800 miles in 31 days

He did it.

Bainbridge runner Harold Allen completed the herculean quest of conquering 31 marathons (that’s 26.2 miles x 31 = 812.2) in 31 days.

Already an three time ultra-marathoner (100 mile races), Harold wanted to use his athletic ability, strong will and incredible work ethic for something bigger than himself.  So he set a goal so lofty that only the strongest could accomplish it.  Harold decided to run 26.2 miles every day in May to raise awareness for mental health.  And then he did it.

Surging across the finish line at Memorial Hospital in Bainbridge (where he works full time), Harold finished his 31st marathon in a row around 10:35 a.m. Thursday, May 31st, cheered on by a crowd of co-workers, family and friends.  Although he was graciously provided a lights and sirens escort down Shotwell Street by Bainbridge Public Safety, Harold left the blue lights and his running partners in the dust, turning south on Gordon Avenue and then west into the entrance to the hospital’s parking lot where he was joined by his daughter for the last 100 yards or so.

“Thank y’all for coming.  I’m tired, I think I just want to get some rest”, said Harold to the cheering crowd.

Get some rest, Harold, you deserve it.

With such an incredible accomplishment in his rear view, Harold was his usual gracious and unassuming self, thanking the crowd and his friends for their support.  I even overheard his conversation about the struggle of running more than 800 miles in 31 days to which he replied, “the cause was greater than the mile”.  Each step, more than 1.6 million in total, was for someone else.

Harold Allen, a father of four from Bainbridge, who works full time at Memorial Hospital and Manor in Bainbridge, just accomplished an athletic feat so incredible that no amount of recognition can suffice.

What’s next?

Hopefully a hamburger or two and permanent recognition of his accomplishment in our town.

Congratulations, Harold, you did it.

Those that would like to donate to Harold’s efforts can do so here.  

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  1. Good job Harold from your classmate Andre Cannon maybe one day we can race I’m still running not as much as you but we can catch up.

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