BPS: Failure to Dim Headlights Results in Drug Arrest

A Dodge Charger is one of the models in the Bainbridge Public Safety

A driver that failed to dim the car’s headlights to oncoming traffic was pulled over and her passenger was arrested for marijuana possession after a traffic stop.

On Thursday, September 28, Bainbridge Public Safety Officer Timothy Shaw observed a driver approaching in a white car with bright lights shining.  As the car passed, the driver failed to dim the lights, and PSO Shaw initiated a traffic stop.

The driver, Arleasha Rivers stopped the vehicle at the intersection of Lamar Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Bainbridge.  According to the incident report, as PSO Shaw approached the car, he could smell the odor of unburnt marijuana.  Shaw asked Rivers for her license and registration and if there was anything illegal in the car.  Rivers stated that there was not and PSO Shaw proceeded to run the insurance and registration through Decatur-Grady E911.  Dispatch notified Shaw that the vehicle did not have insurance, the registration was suspended and the tag decal was expired.

At that time, Shaw asked Rivers and her passenger, Richard Sheffield, to exit the car so it could be searched.  A search of the car didn’t reveal any contraband, but the smell of marijuana was “very faint after both subjects were removed” (BPS Report).  As PSO Shaw searched Sheffield, a small container containing a green leafy substance fell from between his legs.

Richard James Sheffield, 21, of Colquitt, was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana.  The driver of the 2008 Chevrolet Impala, Arleasha Rivers was issued citations for expired decal, no insurance and failure to dim headlights.

*Information for this story was obtained directly from the Bainbridge Public Safety Incident Report*

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