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BPS: Busted Headlight Leads to Drug Arrest

Bainbridge Public Safety arrested 42 year old Tamario Montey Turner late Thursday night after a busted headlight led to a traffic stop. According to the police report, BPS Officer Timothy Shaw observed Turner’s silver Chevrolet Malibu travelling north on Thornateeska Drive in Bainbridge with one headlight out.  After initiating a traffic stop at the intersection of Broughton and… Read More »

Alarm Alerts Staff to Drug Carrying Drone at Autry State Prison; Contraband Recovered

Alarm Alerts Staff to Drug-Carrying Drone at Autry State Prison Contraband recovered FORSYTH, Ga. — On December 4 at 11:53 p.m., the Drone Tracker alarm, a newly piloted system, at Autry State Prison (SP) sounded. While there was no sighting of a drone by staff; an inner and outer sweep of the facility was conducted and officers recovered… Read More »

BPS: Failure to Dim Headlights Results in Drug Arrest

A driver that failed to dim the car’s headlights to oncoming traffic was pulled over and her passenger was arrested for marijuana possession after a traffic stop. On Thursday, September 28, Bainbridge Public Safety Officer Timothy Shaw observed a driver approaching in a white car with bright lights shining.  As the car passed, the driver failed to dim… Read More »

BPS: Man Arrested on Weapon, Drug Charge

A Bainbridge man was arrested in the early morning hours of Wednesday, September 27 after Bainbridge Public Safety Officer Jayson Myers observed what he believed to be a suspicious interaction. According to the incident report, PSO Myers observed two men standing in the road at the intersection of Monroe and Pine Streets, conducting what he believed to be… Read More »

BPS: Inmate Busted with Contraband

PRESS RELEASE INMATE FOUND IN POSSESSION OF DRUGS: On Thursday night at 10:30pm, an employee at Decatur County Ambulance (EMS) on Airport Road observed an occupied vehicle sitting behind their building. The vehicle pulled off, but due to the suspicious nature of the vehicle and the time of night, a call was made to E911 asking for an… Read More »