Bainbridge Public Safety Makes Drug Bust

In a press release Friday morning, Bainbridge Public Safety announced the arrest of a major drug dealer.

“Bainbridge CID Officers Chip Nix, Mark Esquivel, Chris Avery, and Chris Jordan have been investigating a suspected drug dealer which led to his arrest on Thursday. Thomas Kurt Fox, 23, was arrested and charged with two felonies: (1) Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute, and (2) Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Distribute within 1000 feet of a Park or Housing Project. Investigators searched the residence on Lord Avenue and located 51 bags of marijuana. A second search uncovered six additional 1/4 ounce bags and a 1 ounce bag of high grade marijuana, as well as a scale. According to Officer Nix, “The only way I see to end the war on drugs is for people to stop using and abusing drugs…that will put suppliers and dealers out of business.” — City of Bainbridge

*Photos Courtesy of the City of Bainbridge

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