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Mitchell County: 4 Men Guilty in Murder Plot

PRESS RELEASE The two week term of Mitchell County trials for the adjourned April 2018 term consisted of approximately 62 criminal cases. One case of significant note was the case of four defendants Datialion Jenkins, Myron Lee, Issac Jenkins, and Keshawn Lenear. They were all charged with Criminal Attempt to Commit a Murder, Armed Robbery, two counts of… Read More »

Decatur County Murder Convictions Upheld By Supreme Court

PRESS RELEASE JONATHAN JOHNSON/JOSHUA LEE MURDER CASE AFFIRMED The convictions of Jonathan Johnson and Joshua Lee were affirmed at the Georgia Supreme Court January 29th, 2018. The crimes occurred on August 16 and 17, 2014. On November 10, 2014, a Decatur County grand jury indicted Johnson, Lee, and Marquis Scott for malice murder, criminal attempt to commit kidnapping,… Read More »

PRESS RELEASE: District Attorney: Crossbow Wielding Assailant Sentenced to 40 Years, Child Molester Sentenced to 20

PRESS RELEASE Two cases of note went to trial during the fall Decatur County Trial Term.  The first was Ricky Benyard.  Benyard was charged by way of indictment in case no. 15-Cr-140.  Benyard was charged with Child Molestation and Sodomy.  The evidence showed that Benyard had sexual intercourse with a minor, aged 14.  Benyard was in his late… Read More »

Decatur County Man Convicted in Infant Assault Case

A Decatur County man was convicted this week of aggravated assault on a 6 month old infant after doctors diagnosed the child with symptoms consistent with Shaken Baby Syndrome. The assault occurred in June 2015 (read the original story here) and was tried in the Superior Court of Decatur County under Judge Heather Lanier.  This was the first trial… Read More »