District Attorney: Bainbridge Burglar Sentenced to 20 Years


On September 4th, 2018, a major case was resolved in Decatur County.  Aanija Burke was arrested for Burglary and Possession of Tools During the Commission of a Crime.  District Attorney Joe Mulholland, after reviewing the file, added the charge of Home Invasion.  The evidence showed that on November 8th, 2017, the defendant broke the window of the door into a home in Bainbridge, Georgia.  After breaking into the house, the defendant encountered a grandmother and her two (2) year old grandchild.  The defendant was brandishing what appeared to be a firearm (later discovered to be a pellet gun).  The victim and her toddler grandchild were able to escape the house and call law enforcement.  The offender was apprehended shortly thereafter, with blood on his hands which matched the blood spatter from the residence.  The defendant was not given a recommendation and pled at the mercy of the Court.  Chief Judge Kevin Chason heard from the victim and the defendant.  After hearing from both sides, the Court sentenced the defendant to 20 years, 12 to serve in the penitentiary.

District Attorney Joe Mulholland had this to say: “Your home is your castle.  This was a needless intrusion on the victim and her granddaughter in the middle of the day.  His reckless act has left a lifelong impression on the poor victim’s in this case.  The toddler and grandmother still have nightmares of this invasion.  I am very thankful that the Court decided to sentence this defendant to a long term incarceration and want the public to know that such acts will not be tolerated in our community.”

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