PRESS RELEASE: Child Molester Sentenced to Decades in Prison


The South Georgia Judicial Circuit, Decatur County November Term was commenced on Monday, October 5th.  District Attorney Joe Mulholland and Senior Assistant District Attorney David Atwell handled Grand Jury.  The Grand Jury true billed 35 cases and No Billed 4 cases.

Tuesday October 6th Criminal Trials began.  Chief Assistant Mike Bankston tried Jshawn Washington for Child Molestation and Criminal Attempt to Commit Incest.  Washington was arrested on March 20, 2018 by the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office.  Washington sexually assaulted his seven-year-oldstepdaughter multiple times while watching pornography with the child in early March in Bainbridge.  After a three-day trial, the Jury convicted Washington of both counts.  Judge Heather H. Lanier sentenced the defendant to 45 years, 30 to serve in the State system.  During sentencing, the defendant passed out.  Lanier will resume sentencing on Tuesday, November 13th.  District Attorney Mulholland stated “This was an atrocious crime. While the Defendant may have thought it was too harsh given that he passed out when he heard he will spend the next thirty years in prison, he got exactly what he deserved.  I hope that the victim and her family can have some closure knowing he will effectively spend the rest of his life in the State Penitentiary.”

On Thursday October 8th District Attorney Joe Mulholland was prepared to try Darrion Jenkins for Aggravated Sexual Battery and Burglary.  Once a Jury was impaneled, Jenkins pled Blind (meaning at the mercy of the Court) and Chief Judge Kevin Chason sentenced Jenkins to Life Imprisonment.  On September 30th, 2017, the Defendant broke into a 78 year old woman’s residence at approximately 2:30 a.m. in Attapulgus and sexually assaulted her.  “What kind of demented individual breaks into an elderly woman’s home and assaults her? The victim was a strong witness and I am glad she had the courage to face her accuser.  Her testimony sealed his fate, which is that he will spend the rest of his years behind bars.” Mulholland added.

After a plethora of pleas, two cases remain on the calendar for next week.

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