BPS: Wanted Subject Found with Controlled Substance

Wanted Subject Found in Possession of Over 200 Opioid Analgesic Pills:

Photo Courtesy of Bainbridge Public Safety

On Tuesday, June 25th, around 2pm, Bainbridge Public Safety Officer Leroy Akins observed a male subject walking south on Russ Street and then turning onto Water Street close to the Friendship House and Hutto-McIver Housing Project. Akins recognized the man as Rakim Raheem Bouie, and knew that Bainbridge Public Safety had an active arrest warrant out on him for Criminal Trespassing. Officer Akins made contact with Bouie and advised him that he had an active warrant out of Bainbridge Public Safety. When Officer Akins called Bouie’s name and birthdate in to E911, he found out that the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office also had an active bench warrant out on him. Officer Akins then placed Rakim Bouie under arrest.

A black bookbag was in Bouie’s possession. Officer Akins searched the bag and located a clear plastic baggie containing a quantity of white pills. Officer Akins transported Bouie to Public Safety Headquarters for booking, and the pills were turned over to Investigator Mark Esquivel. Investigator Esquivel determined there to be a total quantity of 236 Tramadol pills inside the baggie.
Officer Akins charged Rakim Raheem Bouie, 30, of a Bainbridge address with:
• Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Distribute Within 1000 Feet of a Park or Housing Project (Felony)
• Possession of a Schedule IV Controlled Substance (Felony)
• Criminal Trespass (Misdemeanor)

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