1 man killed, co-worker injured in explosion and fire (Updated Thursday AM)

The person who lost their life in Wednesday’s explosion was a Southwest Georgia resident who worked at Liquid Transport Terminals in Bainbridge.

On Thursday morning, Bainbridge Public Safety identified the man who passed away as Christopher Lee Coker, 35, of Pelham, Ga. Coker was the assistant manager at Liquid Transport Terminals in Bainbridge.

A second man working with Coker on a chemical holding tank was injured in the fire after the explosion, according to City of Bainbridge officials. He was identified as Randall Logue, 57, of Bainbridge. Logue was taken to Memorial Hospital and was later released and is doing OK, a family friend said.

There were four Bainbridge Public Safety officers treated at Memorial Hospital for a mix of minor smoke inhalation and heat exhaustion, according to BPS Director Carter. He said the officers were going to be OK and at least one was back at the scene helping out again.

Firefighters remained at the scene until about 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, making sure the fire was fully extinguished. Even though the fire was considered under control at 3:30 p.m., Welch said the fire was flaring back up every so often, requiring Public Safety officers to stay and monitor the fire.

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