Georgia DDS Announces New Drivers License Design

Dept. of Driver Services (DDS) Begins Roll Out of New, More Secure Licenses & IDs

But What’s in Your Wallet Still Works Until Expiration!

Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) began issuing new and more secure driver’s licenses and IDs at their Bainbridge, Decatur County, customer service center recently. DDS is adding locations until the new design is available statewide. The cards are the most secure credentials that our State has ever issued. However, there is no need to renew until your current credential expires.  All previously issued Georgia licenses and IDs will remain valid. Customers will be issued a newly-designed card whether visiting in person or using the official mobile app DDS 2 GO.

As with the previous licensing process, a temporary license with photograph and barcode is issued to all customers.  The temporary license is printed on 8.5 x 11, white, paper and is a synopsis of each customer’s service. It serves as proof of driving privileges until the permanent card arrives in approximately thirty days.

Customer fees for licenses and/or IDs will remain the same: an eight-year license or ID remains $32.00.  Veteran, National Guard and other honorary licenses and IDs remains free to those who qualify. Under 21 cards remain horizontal and distinguishable from the Over 21 issuances.

Customers are encouraged to download the official Mobile App DDS 2 GO.  It’s like having a licensing center in your pocket.  If customers must visit in person, Tuesday is the busiest day statewide.  The middle of the week, middle of the day, is the best time to visit for optimal wait times.



  1. I like the new License but not the photo. I’m a Vietnam Vet and I was trying to get that ID Status placed on my new card. They are sending me to a VA building with this piece of paper?

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