Taurus Holdings, Inc Announces New Manufacturing Facility, Corporate Headquarters is Moving to Bainbridge

Governor Nathan Deal announces that Taurus USA will build a manufacturing operation and their corporate headquarters in Bainbridge, Georgia.

“The big news is that Taurus USA is going to build a manufacturing facility in this community and create some 300 jobs”, said Georgia Governor Nathan Deal, officially announcing the arrival of one of the largest firearms producers in the United States to southwest Georgia.

Taurus Holdings, Inc will be moving their manufacturing operations and corporate headquarters to Bainbridge, breaking ground on a new facility in the Commodore Industrial Park this summer and opening the doors in January of 2020.

The Governor was introduced by Georgia Senator Dean Burke, a Bainbridge resident and former City Council Member.  The news was made official at a ceremony at the Kirbo Center on ABAC’s Bainbridge campus Thursday morning in a building full of excited residents and dignitaries, including members of the Bainbridge City Council, Decatur County Board of Commissioners, the Development Authority of Decatur County and more.

Taurus CEO David Blenker got a roaring ovation when he announced to the crowd, “We are absolutely moving our corporate headquarters to Bainbridge, Georgia” and stated that all Taurus pistols and Heritage revolvers would be manufactured in Bainbridge as well.  “I truly believe that the future of the company will thrive in Bainbridge, Georgia”.  Speaking about the large turnout and obvious community support, Mr. Blenker said, “We made the right decision”.

Taurus Holdings CEO David Blenker announced that Taurus USA is moving their manufacturing operation and corportate headquarters to Bainbridge, Georgia.

According to a story told by Mr. Blenker, the process started nearly 15 years ago when they first toured the state of Georgia with the state’s economic development team.  Then, nearly two years ago, Mr. Blenker was hunting at Southwind Plantation in south Decatur County when he mentioned that Taurus might be interested in moving to Georgia.  According to Blenker, Southwind Owner Tim Smith overheard the conversation and insisted that Mr. Blenker meet Rick McKaskill, the Director of the Development Authority and the other local decision makers.  “18 months later, we’re so proud to be here”.

Keith Lyle, the Chairman of the Development Authority welcomed the company by stating, “We look forward to years of prosperity and welcome our new corporate partner”.  Mr. Lyle then took the opportunity to speak to future prospects saying, “If you’re a business or industry looking to locate, then Bainbridge, Georgia needs to be at the top of your list.  Bainbridge, Georgia is open for business!”.



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  1. WOW, WONDERFUL, HALLUJAH and thank you Mayor Reynolds, City Council, County Commissioners, City Manager, County Manager, Development Authority Director, Regional Development Authority, Chamber of Commerce and everyone else that was instrumental in securing Taurus Gun Manufacturing locating a new manufacturing facility in Bainbridge. This is great for Bainbridge, Decatur County, and Southwest Georgia. As many of you, whom I have driven crazy for the last 8 or so years, know this has been desperately needed since the onset of the Great Recession some 10 years ago. I believe this accomplishment to be the turning of the tide for our local economy and restores hope to a wonderful community. I know many of you have gone above the call of duty working diligently to bring this new economic development to our community and even cast a difficult vote here and there for the good of our community. Thanks again to all who helped make this happen. A BIG THANKS TO TAURUS !!! Your company and its employees are going to love Bainbridge!

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