PRESS RELEASE: Jim Meredith Running for Decatur County Commission



We the people of Decatur County have lived at the mercy of leaders that wish to control us and enrich themselves at our expense and the time has come for a change. For many years I have tried through Face Book and even Topix to let people know about corruption in our county. In my opinion, it seems that even before The Post Searchlight came under new ownership nothing was printed unless it was approved or requested by the Powerful “GOOD OLD BOYS” and for more years than I can remember our Commissioners have rubber stamped their wishes. I am sure you all remember tax payers paying legal fees for all the illegal actions  of our sheriff’s Department. As your commissioner I will have standing to take actions to the courts as unconstitutional, and believe me They all know I can and will to protect your rights as a tax payer. Another promise I make to you the people about bringing more jobs here is I realize that the hand writing is on the wall, more companies will soon be looking to locate in a place that has great access to shipping their needed material and their finished product in and out. My promise is, I will seek out such companies and make sure the know the good reasons to come here then I will work with them to supply their needs and ours.

All I can do is my best to make changes in the status quo in Decatur County. I make the people, not only those in district one, a promise that I will not be a rubber stamp for anyone, rich or poor, but I will let you the people know the truth no matter who it offends. I will tell you this, the Commissioners control the purse and it is their duty to control it for the good of the Decatur County citizens, not for the benefit of any leaders or for members of their family, themselves or friends. That is something our current Commissioners should consider.

“Make Decatur County What It Should Be”


*Note: This press release was written and provided wholly by the Meredith campaign.  The information published above should not be considered the opinion of Sowegalive or Flint Media, nor should the publication be construed as an endorsement.  In the interest of providing information to the public, the publication is to inform the voters of Decatur County of a candidate for the Decatur County Commission.

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