Harrell Qualifies for Office of Solicitor General



March 6th, 2018



Current Solicitor General, Benjamin David Harrell, qualified yesterday to continue in his position as the chief prosecutor of misdemeanor and traffic offenses in Decatur County State Court. In October 2016, he was appointed Solicitor General by the Governor’s Office after the former solicitor, Ryan Cleveland, vacated the office to pursue a judgeship

When he was appointed, Decatur County State Court had been without a prosecutor for over eight months which meant Harrell inherited an incredible backlog of old cases. In short time, Harrell and the State Court staff took on this backlog and brought much-needed resolution to many old pending cases. 

Since in office, Harrell’s improvements to the prosecution of cases have led to more efficient resolution of cases, swifter justice for victims, and shorter court days.

He has worked with law enforcement and victims to aggressively pursue serious cases of domestic violence, crimes against children, property theft, and repeat drunk drivers. In addition, he has implemented new judicial alternatives to bring the State Court up to date with current trends in criminal justice. In 2017, Harrell established the first-ever State Court Pre-Trial Diversion Program. The program aims to create a safer community by deterring future criminal behavior for first time, low-level offenders and requiring their completion of the program to maintain a clean criminal record. Since its start, many first time offenders have changed their paths to become productive citizens with a clean record by completing life-skill classes, substance abuse counseling, community service, and paying restitution.

 ​Harrell, his wife, Bridget, and three daughters, Nicole, Callahan, and Arrington live in Bainbridge where they attend Grace Church. He cherishes the fact that Decatur County is still a safe place for families, like his own, to live, work, and raise children. He wishes to continue to serve the citizens of Decatur County as their Solicitor-General and further the improvements that his office has begun in State Court. 

Harrell can be contacted at (229) 726-5892 (cell), (229) 330-5000 (office), email: bennyharrell11@gmail.com or on the Decatur County Solicitor General’s Office Facebook page.

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