BREAKING: BPS Arrests Three, Suspected Murder Weapon Found

At a Friday morning press conference, Bainbridge Public Safety announced three arrests in the murder of Hubert Moore of Bainbridge.

Louis Lamorris Ousley (29), Thaddas Nundra (38), and Ronnie Denardo McFadden (42) have all been arrested and charged with felony murder and a felony count of criminal attempt.  All three men are from Bainbridge.  According to Investigator Mark Esquivel, Nundra is believed to have been the shooter.  Nundra has also been charged with malice murder and was out on bond for a separate shooting in Buena Vista, Georgia at the time of the homicide.

According to BPS, the three men were in the downtown Bainbridge area with the intent of burglarizing a business when they saw Mr. Moore behind the Post Searchlight building.  It appears that the victim and suspects were unknown to each other.

While the Georgia Bureau of Investigation secured and processed the crime scene, investigators used confidential informants, area surveillance and multiple tips to identify the three suspects.

On Friday morning, Bainbridge Public Safety recovered a gun they believe to have been used homicide.  The weapon was discovered buried in a wooded area behind the River Plaza Shopping Center.


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