BPS: Man Stabbed in Bainbridge Wednesday Night

According to a Bainbridge Public Safety Incident Report, a man was stabbed after an argument in Bainbridge Wednesday night.

The report states that BPS was called to a reported stabbing around 10:23 p.m. Wednesday night on West Street in Bainbridge.  According to the caller, there was a white male covered in blood on the side of the road.

Upon arrival, Public Safety Officers Jayson Myers and Joshua Glover arrived on scene and located the man who was bleeding from a stab wound in his chest.  Officer Myers attempted to apply pressure to the wound with a towel while Officer Glover secured the scene.  The victim, identified as Earl Marvin Tillman, stated that he did not know who the assailant was, but told the officers that he was a black male wearing a red shirt.  The alleged assailant was later identified as Ladawn Edwards.

According to Tillman, the two men had engaged in a fight at an apartment located at 301 S. West Street.  The occupant of the apartment where the fight occurred told Officer Myers that Tillman came over to her apartment to hang out, but wouldn’t leave when she asked.  She then asked Edwards to “make Tillman leave”.  According to Moore, the two went outside, but she didn’t know what happened after that.

A second witness saw the two men engaged in the physical altercation outside of the apartments, but stated he did not see Edwards stab Tillman.

At this point, Bainbridge Public Safety gained permission from Edwards’ girlfriend to search her apartment for the suspect.  He was located in the kitchen, crouching behind a counter.

Ladawn Demeter Edwards, 25, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.

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