Bainbridge Public Safety Busts Alleged Thief, Drug Dealer

Earlier this week, a Bainbridge man was arrested by Public Safety inside the Gilbert H Gragg Public Library as he attempted make a getaway from law enforcement.

Here’s what happened:

Gilbert H Gragg Public Library

On Wednesday morning, Bainbridge Public Safety Officers Chip Nix and Timothy Mixon spotted Matthew James Jackson walking on Monroe Street next to the Decatur County – Gilbert H. Gragg Library. The officers knew that Jackson was wanted on a City Probation warrant and attempted to make contact with him. Instead of stopping, Jackson headed toward the entrance to the library. Nix and Mixon yelled for Jackson to stop, but instead of stopping, he ran inside of the library, startling the employees and patrons. The officers followed him inside, through the metal detectors, and all the way to back where they saw him place something on one of the bookshelves. Jackson attempted to elude the officers but they were able to corner him, and place him under arrest. Officers Nix and Mixon realized that Jackson was having difficulty speaking and discovered that he had stuffed a silver capsule containing a bag of Molly into his mouth. Also found on Jackson were a metal marijuana grinder containing marijuana, a glass marijuana pipe, and a woman’s bracelet and ring.

Assisted by CID Officer Mark Esquivel, Jackson was transported to BPS Headquarters for questioning. During the interview, he confessed to a recent theft that occurred at Health Products on Shotwell Street.

Along with a previous obstruction charge, Jackson was charged Theft by Taking (for the Health Products theft) / Manufacture, Delivery, Distribution, Possession, or Sale of Controlled Substance (Felony) / Possession of Drug Related Objects (Misd) / Possession of Marijuana (Misd) / Obstructing or Hindering Officers (Misd).

This information provided by Bainbridge Public Safety.

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