Bainbridge and Decatur County Arrest Reports for Friday, April 14, 2017

The following arrests and citations were reported by the Decatur County Jail. The addresses listed below are given to us directly by the Decatur County Jail:

  • Derrick Allen Nichols, 32, Bainbridge, Ga, Probation Violation o/c Alter ID; King, DESO
  • Rickle Bankar Zeigler, 31, Ulmer Road, Whigham, Ga, Obstruction of an Officer, Simple Battery; Barlow, BPS
  • Aaron Smart Gayle, 27, Old Whigham Road, Bainbridge, Ga, Contempt of Court o/c Child Support; Musgrove, DESO
  • Tramias Terrel Kirkland, 28, Love Street, Bainbridge, Ga, Possession of Marijuana with Intent, Willful Obstruction of Law Enforcement Officers; Nix, BPS
  • Mark Avery Parish Jr., 28, Zorn Road, Bainbridge, Ga, Probation Violation o/c Possession of Meth; Shaw, BPS
  • Alex Lamar Smith, 64, Dillon Road, Thomasville, Ga, DUI – Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, Failure to Maintain Lane, Move Over Law – Emergency Vehicles, No Insurance, Open Container; Landrum, GSP
  • Blake Morgan McGaughey, 23, Wood Hull Road, Bainbridge, Ga, Criminal Trespass, Theft by Shoplifting; Green, BPS
  • Cindy Ann Miller, 24, South Sims Street, Bainbridge, Ga, Driving While License Suspended or Revoked, Failure to Yield Right of Way – Intersection, Accident – Hit and Run – Property Damage or Injury – Fail to Stop, Leave Scene; Jackson, BPS
  • Erica Letitia Smith, 29, Rosa Lee Lane, Attapulgus, Ga, Accident – Hit and Run – Property Damage or Injury – Fail to Stop, Leave Scene; Jackson, BPS
  • Louis Lee Thomas, 31, Carter Street, Bainbridge, Ga, Criminal Trespass, Loitering Prohibited; McMillan, BPS
  • Charles Leroy Harrell, 48, Ga Hwy 27 South, Colquitt, Ga, Failure to Appear; McCain, BPS

BPS = Bainbridge Public Safety

GSP = Georgia State Patrol

SO = Decatur County Sheriff’s Office

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