Local Anglers Dominate Lake Seminole FLW Tournament

Three local anglers placed in the top 10 of the FLW Series Southeastern Division tournament on Lake Seminole this weekend.  Decatur County fishermen Clint Brown, Matt Baty and Nic Jeter each boated enough big bass to compete with the professionals on Lake Seminole, with Brown leading the pack and finishing in third place.

The top 10 pros on Lake Seminole were:

1st:          Buddy Gross, Chickamauga, Ga., 15 bass, 64-11, $52,200

2nd:         Bryan Thrift, Shelby, N.C., 15 bass, 58-9, $21,600

3rd:          Clint Brown, Bainbridge, Ga., 15 bass, 56-5, $15,000

4th:          Rodger Beaver, Dawson, Ga., 15 bass, 48-13, $13,000

5th:          Matt Baty, Bainbridge, Ga., 14 bass, 47-1, $12,000

6th:          Chad Prough, Chipley, Fla., 14 bass, 43-11, $9,500

7th:          Bradford Beavers, Ridgeville, S.C., 15 bass, 42-14, $8,200

8th:          Barry Wilson, Birmingham, Ala., 13 bass, 39-13, $7,200

9th:          Randy Haynes, Counce, Tenn., 11 bass, 39-5, $6,200

10th:        Nic Jeter, Bainbridge, Ga., 12 bass, 37-12, $4,600

“Thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ for making my fishing success possible. Having the God given ability to compete at this level leaves me with tears of joy. The emotion didn’t sink in until Saturday early morning as I was headed down the lake in front of Brockett’s Slough along with the other TOP 10 FLW COSTA BOYS!! I was riding down the lake some 70+ mph in 35 degree weather and the emotion hit me so hard I started pumping my fist with one hand and driving with the other.” — Matt Baty Fishing Facebook Page

Photos Courtesy of Matt Baty Fishing Facebook Page

Brown, of Bainbridge, won the same event on Lake Seminole in 2015 with a three day total of 52 pounds, 11 ounces and captured $40,000 in prize money.

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