Decatur County Sheriff’s Office Busts Motorcycle Thief

On November 16, the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office recovered four stolen motorcycles and identified a suspect in a hit and run accident (*READ THAT STORY HERE*), however the suspect eluded capture until this week.  On Thursday, acting on information from Decatur County Investigators, the Leon County Sheriff’s Office and the North Florida Regional Fugitive Task Force busted Sean Stanley in Tallahassee.

Since the recovery of the stolen motorcycles, Sean Stanley had been quiet.  The Decatur County Sheriff’s Office was looking for Stanley, but he never seemed to turn up in Decatur County.  That was, until a call came in Monday night about a burglary and motor vehicle theft on Shoupe Road in the Faceville/Recovery area – less than a mile through the woods from the home on Davis Lane where the stolen motorcycles were recovered in November.  According to Lt. Brian Donalson with the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office, thousands of dollars worth of tools were stolen Monday night, along with a Toyota truck.  The next night, the home on Davis Lane was burglarized with thousands of dollars worth of tools stolen from there as well.  Officials immediately suspected Stanley was back in town.

Technical surveillance revealed that Stanley was frequently in an area on Raven’s View Road in Tallahassee, so the North Florida Regional Fugitive Task Force and the Leon County Sheriff’s Office visited the mobile home around 6:30 Thursday night.  Stanley fled through the back door, but was quickly apprehended and arrested.  As Officers began to look around the scene, they located a shop in the back yard.  Inside the shop, officials found numerous stolen four wheelers, motorcycle frames, motorcycle engines and tools – a chop shop.  In a canvas of the neighborhood, officers located an abandoned trailer several houses down.  Behind the trailer? The stolen Toyota truck from Decatur County, a stolen four wheeler and trailer and a minivan that Stanley was known to use.

Sean Stanley was arrested and transported to the Leon County Jail, pending extradition to Georgia.

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