Bainbridge and Decatur County Arrest Reports for Monday, August 1, 2016

The following arrests and citations were reported by the Decatur County Jail. The addresses listed below are given to us directly by the Decatur County Jail:

  • Marquez Dyshun Shuler, 24, Colquitt, GA, Driving while license suspended or revoked, failure to obey stop/yield sign; McCain, BPS
  • Matthew Leslie Breeden, 31, Bainbridge, GA, Driving while license suspended or revoked, windshields and windshield wiper requirement; Akins, BPS
  • Kimberly Nicole Walker, 29, Bainbridge, GA, Theft by shoplifting (misd); Marshburn, BPS
  • John Wesley Fox, 20, Bainbridge, GA, Simple battery; Mixon, BPS
  • Presley Eugene Robinson, 40, Tallahassee, FL, Driving while license suspended or revoked, failure to yield right of way; Green, BPS
  • Thomas Kurt Fox, 22, Bainbridge, GA, Simple battery (misd); Mixon, BPS
  • Mona Marie Franklin, 34, Bainbridge, GA, Driving without license on person, seatbelt violation, windshields and windshield wiper requirement, failure to appear; Akins, BPS
  • Crystal D Murphy, 37, Bainbridge, GA, Failure to appear (traffic); Jackson, BPS
  • Calvin Harris Stephens, Jr., 45, Bainbridge, GA, Seatbelt violation (misd), driving while license suspended or revoked; Akins, BPS

SO = Decatur County Sheriff’s Office
BPS = Bainbridge Public Safety
GSP = Georgia State Patrol

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