BPS: Man Arrested After Attempting to Eat Evidence

Bainbridge Public Safety arrested a man for possession of marijuana on Thursday, but not before the man attempted to eat the evidence.

According to the incident report, Bainbridge Public Safety Officer Christopher Prindle was patrolling on Dothan Road in West Bainbridge when he observed a white Chevrolet truck with an expired tag.  Officer Prindle initiated a traffic stop and made contact with the driver, Alex Shavar Keaton.

Keaton produced his driver’s license upon request, but informed Officer Prindle that the vehicle did not have current insurance coverage.  While standing at the driver’s door, Officer Prindle smelled the odor of marijuana and observed a green, leafy substance on the weather strip at the top of the driver’s side door.

When Prindle asked Keaton where the rest of the marijuana was, Keaton told the officer that he had eaten it.

Keaton was handcuffed and searched.  A clear plastic baggy was found in his front pocket with a torn corner, as if it had been bitten off.  In the other pocket, a piece of plastic that appeared to be the remainder of the baggy was found and contained what appeared to be marijuana.

Alex Shavar Keaton was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana less than one ounce, tampering with evidence, no insurance and expired registration.

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