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The following arrests and citations, occurring between Dec. 23, 2014 and Dec. 29, 2014, were reported by Bainbridge Public Safety and the Decatur County Jail:

  • Debra Gean Rabon, shoplifting; C. Strickland, BPS;
  • David John Knight, battery; D. Long, BPS;
  • Jubal Nakeem Davis, criminal trespass, theft by shoplifting; J. Barlow, BPS;
  • Willie James McCoy Jr., deposit account fraud; J. Roberts, GSP;
  • Richard Lamont Perkins, criminal trespass (Family Violence Act); J. Glover, SO;
  • Eric Henderson Swain, battery; P. Trolinger, SO;
  • Carl Edwards Andrews, DUI, failure to maintain lane; V. Edmond, SO;
  • Brea Charnell Ditzel, crossing guard lines with contraband (marijuana), SO;
  • Lonniell Oscar Smart, 29, 915 SW 4th St., Havana, Fla., reckless driving, obstruction of an officer (misdemeanor); B. Boyett, BPS;
  • Robert Geron Lanton, 42, 1492 Egg and Butter Road, Ochlocknee, Ga.,  DUI, failure to maintain lane; J. Myers, BPS;
  • Lorenzo Crump, 27, 509 Naomi St., Bainbridge, public drunkeness, J. Myers, BPS;
  • Manuel Caballero, 18, 227 Beaver Circle, Brinson, DUI, tail light and tag light requirements; J. Myers, BPS;
  • Anthony John Pearson, 39, 104 N. Thornateeska Ave., Bainbridge, disorderly conduct (misdemeanor); C. Strickland, BPS;
  • Felecia Michelle Spikes, 37, 211 N. Woodson St., Attapulgus, Ga., DUI, tail light and tag light requirements; J. Kirkus, GSP;
  • Justin Glenn McGinty, 18, 1131 Old Pelham Road, Climax, DUI, failure to maintain lane, possession of marijuana (misdemeanor), possession of drug-related objects; J. Myers, BPS;
  • Jubal Nakeem Davis, 27, 1409 S. Potter St., Bainbridge, theft by shoplifting (felony), criminal trespass; J. Barlow, BPS;
  • Ronald Rodrique Martin, 604 Old Pelham Road, Bainbridge, DUI, tail light and tag light requirements; J. Mills, BPS;
  • Linda Diane Friesen, 56, 1231 E. Troupe St., Bainbridge, disorderly conduct; J. Long, BPS;
  • Mark Elliot Beard, 39, 350 Kelley Road, Bainbridge, stalking (misdemeanor); J. Long, BPS;
  • Richard Lamont Perkins, 42, 411 Decatur St., Bainbridge, criminal trespass (misdemeanor); J. Glover, BPS;
  • Robert L. Freeman, 32, 909 Williams St., Bainbridge, DUI, speeding; J. Myers, BPS;
  • Walter Jonathan Barden, 25, 2990 Thomasville Road, Bainbridge, theft by shoplifting (misdemeanor); R. Day, BPS;
  • Willie Benjamin Smith, 20, 211 E. Alice St., Bainbridge, theft by shoplifting (misdemeanor); R. Day, BPS.



Format: Name of person charged, age, address, city, charges; Arresting Officer, Arresting Agency
SO = Decatur County Sheriff’s Office
BPS = Bainbridge Public Safety
GSP = Georgia State Patrol

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