Semi Truck Overturns on Highway 84 Bypass in Bainbridge (photos)

According to officials with the City of Bainbridge, a tractor trailer overturned on the highway 84 bypass in Bainbridge this afternoon.

“Tonight around 6pm, the driver of a semi-truck owned by 4Trucking LLC and hauling 11 – 275 gallon totes of water base colorant dye, approximately 42,035 pounds of liquid, lost control of his rig and overturned, spilling his load onto the highway and median area of the bypass near the Shotwell Street exit. Officers working the scene have blocked sewer drains and contained the liquid at this time. The driver was not injured.” — City of Bainbridge Press Release


Photos courtesy of the City of Bainbridge

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  1. Seems like a lot of accidents happen in this location. My brother says it’s where all the trucks flip over. I wonder how many other accidents have happened here over the years/

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