ARREST: Bainbridge Public Safety Makes Drug Bust After Suspect Flees

Bainbridge Public Safety made a felony drug bust Tuesday after receiving a call from a concerned citizen about a man dressed in a ghillie suit on the railroad tracks behind Hutto Middle School.

Last week, investigators with Bainbridge Public Safety executed a search warrant and arrested 37 year old Wanda Renee Moore for trafficking cocaine.  At the time, the warrant included a man by the name of Keith Gaines, however, they were unable to locate Gaines at the residence.

According to Deputy Director Frank Green, on Tuesday Bainbridge Public Safety received a call from a concerned citizen about a suspicious man dressed in camouflage on the railroad tracks.  Deputy Director Frank Green and Captain Ryan Wimberly responded to the scene.

At the north end of Progress Street, just west of Hutto Middle School, Deputy Director Green and Captain Wimberly saw a male figure matching the caller’s description, dressed in camo netting, standing on the railroad tracks.  When they attempted to make contact, the suspect fled.  Officers yelled at the suspect to stop, however, he ignored their request and made his break.  Running from the officers, the disguised man ran underneath a sitting train onto Back Street and North on Collier Street.  There he ran into the woods and disappeared from view.

Bainbridge Public Safety officers proceeded to set up a perimeter around the wooded area and began searching for the unknown absconder.  Not long after the search began, officers located the man lying in the woods and discovered that the fleeing suspect was Keith Gaines, for whom Bainbridge Public Safety had been searching for several days.  At the time of the arrest, Gaines was in possession of a small quantity of marijuana and was charged with possession of marijuana, obstructing an officer, and on the original warrant.

Later that afternoon, after receiving a tip, investigators returned to the area where Gaines was captured and found a half ounce of crack cocaine as well as a half ounce of powder cocaine buried 2 inches in the dirt beneath where he was hiding.  Because the cocaine amounted to an ounce, an additional charge of trafficking in cocaine was added to his list of charges.


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