Bainbridge Public Safety Reports: More Car Break-Ins and an Attempted Home Invasion

According to Bainbridge Public Safety reports, there have been several instances of “entering auto” and an attempted home invasion in the last few days.  The incidents may be connected.


On Wednesday, March 17, Bainbridge Public Safety Officer Humberto Dean responded to a home on Cameron Drive in reference to a burglary in progress.  While en route, 911 advised Officer Dean that the homeowner was chasing the suspect.  Officer Jason Barlow located both the homeowner and suspect on College Street and placed the suspect under arrest. The homeowner stated that he “heard a noise outside and when he looked out, he saw a black male, wearing a white tee shirt, in his back yard”.  When the homeowner came outside, the suspect began to run.

While the suspect was being placed in the back of the patrol car, Officer Dean found a plastic bag with “eight small plastic baggies containing suspected marijuana located in the immediate vicinity of the arrest” (BPS Report).  The suspect was charged with possession of marijuana with intent, criminal attempt of burglary 1st degree, and loitering and prowling.

The suspect’s name is Jacquez Smith.


On Thursday, March 17, Bainbridge Public Safety Officer Toby Miller was patrolling the area between Russ and Lamar Streets attempting to locate any possible vehicles that had been entered.  From the report, “This was due to a recent arrest involving a subject, identified as Jocquez Smith, that Officer Miller has arrested before for entering autos”.

Officer Miller noticed a GMC Terrain parked in a carport with the driver’s door partially open.  When he approached the vehicle, he could see the contents of the glove box and console had been strewn about.  At that point, Officer Miller made contact with the vehicle’s owner who stated the vehicle had not been left in that condition and that a pair of gold rimmed Maui Jim Sunglasses were missing.

Also on Thursday, March 17, Bainbridge Public Safety Officer Jessica Richardson was dispatched to the Rose Circle area in reference to an “entering auto”.  When Officer Richardson made contact with the vehicle’s owner, she learned that the GMC Sierra had been “plundered”.  From the report, “When he (complainant) went outside to the truck , he noticed the driver side door was not closed all the way”.  The complainant stated that upon further inspection, he noticed the inside of the truck “looked like it had been plundered through”.  Nothing was obviously missing.

While on the scene, a neighbor approached Officer Richardson and informed her that her Nissan Sentra had been tampered with.  From the report, “She (complainant) stated when she got into her car the morning of the incident, she noticed a blue backpack sitting in her driver’s seat that was originally in the backseat of her car.  She stated it immediately seemed suspicious to her.  She advised she then noticed the center console and glove box in her car were open.”

The complainant stated she did not think anything was actually missing from her vehicle at the time of the incident.

Bainbridge Public Safety reminds everyone to always lock your vehicle and take your valuables inside at night.  If anyone has any information related to these or any other cases, please contact Bainbridge Public Safety at 229-248-2038

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