Southwest Georgia News Roundup: City of Meigs going out of business?

MEIGS — Due to the Meigs City Council’s failure to purchase liability insurance following its cancellation effective today, Meigs may be out of business at midnight, at least temporarily. The jobs of eight city employees are in jeopardy,, including the police chief and three police officers.

In an email to his officers, Police Chief Gary Price said, “It is with my deepest regrets that I announce the closure of the Meigs Police Department. This closure will take place at 12:01 Sunday night/Monday morning. I do not have any additional information to provide. I am not sure if they want me to collect your equipment or anything else. The council has not provided any guidance as to how they want this closure to take place. The council members who I’ve spoken with do not have a clue as to what to do.”

Price said the lack of insurance is the only thing closing the doors to City Hall and the Police Department. If insurance is purchased, the police department will be back in business.

Price, while continuing his duties at Meigs, has taken another job with the Coolidge Police Department.

He said via email to the Times-Enterprise, “I have not resigned nor will I. I will continue to serve the citizens of Meigs until the last day! I am already working in Coolidge.”

Price added, “This was all planned by Mayor (Linda) Harris all along in her feverish attempt to shut down the police department. This inane behavior has been constantly displayed by Mayor Harris, Mr. (Jimmy) Layton and Ms. (Stephanie) Battle.”

“The City Council has not made one decision that has ‘moved the city forward,’ but they have made several that has moved the city backwards,” he continued. Read More at the Thomasville Times Enterprise

Moultrie man battling cancer attends first Florida Gators game
MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) – A Moultrie man battling Stage 4 Stomach Cancer is still celebrating after his wish to attend his first Florida Gator’s Game came true.
Floyd Jones enjoyed his first University of Florida football game last week. It was a win against Vanderbilt.

“It was a dream and it came true,” said Floyd Jones, battling cancer.

“To see his face shine,” said Wanda Jones, Wife.

The Athletic Association’s Booster Club and a Former Player provided tickets for Jones and his family.

“I got a chance to go to the locker room and meet the players, coach I met him twice going and coming,” said Floyd Jones.

Jones got autographs from the players and a signed football from the coach. They were also given Gator Shoes. A Nissan dealership in Moultrie let them borrow a van so all 12 family members could go.

“What he said is I usually don’t do this for Florida Gator fans, but I’m gone jump on this wagon,” said Wanda Jones.

The family raised more than $300 through Gofundme for hotel and travel expenses. Jones and his family will go to another game November 28th against Florida State.

See Uplifting Video and Pictures at WALB

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