Southwest Georgia News Roundup: Man accused of stealing money donated to police officer’s family

Officer John MuccI III
Late Pelham, Ga., Police Officer John Mucci III

An ex police officer who set up a go fund me page to raise money for the widow and family of late Pelham police officer John Mucci was arrested Thursday, accused of stealing the donations.

Co workers of a late Pelham Police officer are outraged over the theft of money meant to help his family. Mucci died suddenly of natural causes in April, leaving behind a wife and newly born son and young daughter.

Kacie Mucci did not want us to show her face, because she admits she is scared of the man accused of stealing from her.  “We’re struggling. It’s really hard.”

David Smith is charged with theft by taking, stealing $17,000 raised in a go fund me account set up to help the family of late Pelham Police Officer John Mucci.

“That’s what upset me the most. That he done this to my son’s father and to my husband.  And that’s what really has hurt me the most,” Kacie Mucci said.

Mucci’s fellow officers at the Pelham Police say the news of Smith’s arrest has people mad. Pelham Police Chief Nealie McCormick said “Officer Mucci was very well thought of in the city of Pelham.  Everybody liked him who met him.  So I’m sure the public is very upset about this.”

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Meigs Councilman resigns over decision to bring accused employee back to City Hall

MEIGS — Mayor Pro Tem Levon Gassett resigned from the Meigs City Council Friday morning after a former city clerk charged in September with a felony was called in to train new city clerks.

“I have just been pushed over the limit by multiple things,” a very emotional Gassett told the Thomasville Times-Enterprise. “I can’t sleep. I have tried every single way to help Meigs except getting on a bus to see God.”

“I’m not doing any good,” he added, choking up. “Every time we take one step forward, we take 10 steps back. I turned in my resignation and I am moving on.”

Gassett, who didn’t seek re-election on Tuesday, said that Harris told him that Rene Boyd-Williams, charged in September with conspiracy to defraud state/political subdivision, was coming back to City Hall Friday morning. He said that he told Harris he was not sure that was the right thing to do. He said the first time he spoke with Boyd-Williams was when she pulled up to him outside of City Hall Friday and he told her he had resigned from the council.

Boyd-Williams told a different story. She said she was called by Gassett “to train a lady.” She said Gassett told her as she pulled up to City Hall that he had resigned.

“He’s the only one I trust and the only one I would work with,” she said.

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