Southwest Georgia News Roundup: Meigs city manager, city clerk resign effective immediately

MEIGS — The most recent dust-up in the Meigs saga has caused the resignations of two key city employees.

Tuesday’s resignations of City Manager Sidney Perry and City Clerk Bailey Palmer follow the Sept. 30 resignation of the city attorney, Tommy Coleman, and fall one week after Perry and Palmer were “fired” by the mayor and three council meetings in an illegally called meeting on Oct. 7. Initially, the two employees stayed on, since Mayor Linda Harris did not have the authority to call the “special called meeting” and the termination was illegitimate.

Harris said, according to the city charter, she has the authority to call a meeting. However, an ordinance passed February 2014 and approved by the mayor pro-tem and city council following Harris being charged with stalking the former Meigs mayor, Cynthia Chaney, clearly removed that authority from the mayor.

In a Tuesday interview with the Times-Enterprise, Harris refused to answer why Perry and Palmer had been “fired.” Instead, she suggested the reporter speak with the city attorney, who has not been hired, following the resignation of Coleman. She said those interested in why they were fired should attend Monday’s city council meeting at 6:30 p.m.

Legal meeting or not, Perry and Palmer said the writing was on the wall. Read More at the Thomasville Times-Enterprise

Caretaker arrested after baby, toddler left home alone

THOMASVILLE — A Thomasville man rescued a shivering toddler — wearing only a diaper — from a neighbor’s yard Thursday morning. Police found a diaper-clad baby alone in the nearby residence.

A resident of a South College Street housing project told police he saw the small girl outside crying and shivering about 8:15. The resident picked up the little girl and knocked on the door of the housing project apartment where he saw the child.

“No one came to the door, so he put the little girl inside,” said Maj. Eric Hampton, Thomasville Police Department public information officer.

The child cried and did not want to go inside. The man took the two-year-old toddler to his home and with the temperature in the low 50s, wrapped her in a T-shirt to keep her warm. Read More at the Thomasville Times-Enterprise

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