Three teens charged with auto break-ins in downtown Bainbridge

Three teenage boys were arrested by Bainbridge Public Safety on the night of Thursday, Sept. 17, after police reportedly caught them entering unlocked cars in downtown Bainbridge.

According to BPS, the three teens arrested for entering an auto with intent to commit felony are Malik Ra’Shard Kinder, 17, of Bainbridge, Dontavious Jakel Kinder, 17, of Bainbridge, and an unidentified juvenile boy.

A concerned citizen passing through downtown Bainbridge called Decatur-Grady 911 shortly before 11 p.m. Thursday night to report that they had seen boys going into parked vehicles in the area near the intersection of West Street and Calhoun Street.

Bainbridge Public Safety Officer Toby Miller responded and made contact with the three boys. Other officers, including Investigator Chip Nix, arrived to speak with the boys, who were later placed under arrest.

Investigator Nix said officers believe the three boys arrests may help clear up several recent incidents of theft and business break-ins in the same area of town.

Nix said he thanked the concerned citizen for calling authorities when they saw something suspicious, especially involving parked vehicles.

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