Pelham, Ga., mayor resigns from office

Laura Beth Tucker, the mayor of Pelham, Ga., has resigned from office, saying she and her husband planned to move outside city limits.

The following statement was released from the Pelham City Manager, Jim Hedges:

Pelham, GA. Mayor Laura Beth Tucker submitted her resignation at a Called Meeting to the Pelham Council on Friday, August 21, 2015. Mayor Tucker informed Council that she and her husband sold their Pelham home, which had been on the market for several years, and would be relocating outside the city limits. As a result of the sale, Mayor Tucker would no longer meet the residency requirements outlined in the Pelham Charter.

During Mayor Tucker’s term in office significant improvements were already evident to the Pelham community including: turning the street lights back on, broad-based improvement in the city’s finances, “Buy Local” policy, closing of the Mize Street Detention Center, realignment of the Pelham retirement plan with the Georgia Municipal Association, and the creation of a Downtown Development Authority.

The Pelham Council thanked Mayor Tucker for her leadership and for developing a vision for the future and continued improvement of Pelham.


Comments from Mayor Tucker

“I consider the last 10 months with the City of Pelham to be my most enjoyable professionally. Over this time period, we have reached every Council decision by demonstrating a cooperative working relationship. In governing our City, we have done so under consideration of one primary question “Is it best for Pelham?”

Over as many months, we have collaboratively (Council, City Manager, Department Heads and employees) worked toward extensive, quality improvements in every area of the City’s operation. We all agreed last November that our first item of business was to get our financial house in order. It was through all of your concerted efforts that we have positioned Pelham now for a brighter, more prosperous future.

We also all agreed we needed to provide our employees with the necessary equipment and compensation to begin rebuilding pride in the City of Pelham. The first phase of this has now begun and over time each City Department will have the fleet, tools and personnel needed to perform to the standards we have established for our City.

Thank you for trusting in me and supporting many of the progressive changes which were necessary to move forward. Many of those changes, while difficult to make, have proven to be best for the City financially. A rather lengthy, comprehensive list of objectives was discussed at our last work session, and implementation of these “next steps” will move us to a point of great pride in our City.

Regrettably for myself, I will not be in able to continue in this position of serving the City of Pelham due to our move outside the city limits. This decision did not come easily, nor without much prayer. I am disappointed not to be able to complete the work that we all began together, but know that my absence will not deter you from achieving these objectives.

Prior to my resignation, I would like to make one final recommendation of the City Council. It is with high confidence and without any reservations that I recommend that Council appoint Mayor Pro-Tem James Turner Eubanks as Mayor of City of Pelham. I will pledge my full support as he qualifies for this vacancy next week and is willing and able to capably and honorably serve as our Mayor.

Thank you all for the honor to serve.

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