Southern Football Report Stadium Countdown: #14 Kenan Memorial Stadium

North Carolina LogoKenan Memorial Stadium
Built – 1926
Capacity – 63,000
Largest Crowd – 63,000 (1997)

‘Carolina Blue’ may not be one of the most masculine colors but when Kenan Memorial Stadium is filled to capacity with fans donned from head to toe in that particular and unmistakable shade of blue and white, Kenan Memorial Stadium is quite the sight to see. Sitting right in the heart of campus, Kenan Memorial Stadium was built in the late 20’s and the unwritten rule is that the stadium can never be completely taller than the surrounding pine trees. It’s a small unwritten rule like that which makes Kenan Memorial Stadium one of the most scenic stadiums in American to catch a college football game.

Kenan Memorial Stadium


North Carolina’s football team hasn’t had nearly the success that the basketball program has had over the last half century but it doesn’t stop them from trying and for the life of me I can’t figure out why they’ve never fielded an elite football team. It isn’t the stadium’s fault, I can promise you that. Kenan Memorial Stadium was one of those stadiums that refused to get lights for night games and it wasn’t until their 1991 season opener when they finally had a night home game. Personally, games at Kenan Memorial Stadium look better in the daylight anyways.

Kenan Memorial Stadium, Home of the North Carolina Tar Heels
Kenan Memorial Stadium, Home of the North Carolina Tar Heels

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