Comprehensive plan could shape what Bainbridge looks like in 2030

Walking-to-the-futureOn Tuesday evening, August 4, the final public hearing regarding the City of Bainbridge Comprehensive Plan was held during the meeting of the City Council.

A series of public workshops were held in June and July, led by Mr. Steve O’Neil, a planner with the Southwest Georgia Regional Commission. Input came from City staff, Steering Committee members, and citizens. Online surveys were also utilized as a way to gather information on short-term and long-term goals for the City of Bainbridge.

The Comprehensive Plan documents and illustrates what Bainbridge looks like today, and in what direction it wants to go in the future. It includes assessments of existing resources and issues, projections of future conditions and needs, and consideration of collective goals and desires.

business-goals-clipart-photo-2The plan serves as a policy guide, and provides a framework for future land use decision-making, and the physical development of the municipality. It not only addresses buildings and infrastructure, but also includes the important social, natural resource, and economic values of the community. The Comprehensive Plan, which was developed in 2010, receives an update every five years to help the City reevaluate short-term and long-term goals.

It serves as a guide for the community to follow as it considers decisions, both large and small. The plan includes a list of ongoing and upcoming projects to be considered within the next five years. Needs were broken down into three categories: economic development, public infrastructure and programs, and housing and neighborhoods. Some of the goals established include the expansion of the Boat Basin playground, and working with the Department of Transportation to develop better truck routes through and around Bainbridge.

Some projects have been deemed “long-term,” including a river corridor protection plan, and a park and recreation master plan. Local governments are required by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs to develop and make updates to Comprehensive Plans. The plan is available for viewing at City Hall, and on the City of Bainbridge website,

It will now be submitted to the Southwest Georgia Regional Commission for review. Once the GDCA has approved the plan, it can be formally adopted by the City Council. The work that has gone into creating the plan could not have been accomplished without assistance from SWGRC Planner, Steve O’Neil, members of the Steering Committee, and the input of the citizens of Bainbridge. Steering Committee members were:

  • Roy Oliver, Assistant City Manager/Community Development Director
  • Allie Godwin, City Clerk
  • Luther Conyers, Alderman
  • Jerry Carter, Public Safety Director
  • Lisa Taylor, Director of Administrative Services
  • Steve Winburn, Public Service Director
  • Darrell Cox, Local Business Owner
  • Amanda Glover, DDA Director
  • Dustin Dowdy, Planning Commissioner

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