DNR rangers respond to two incidents on the water Sunday

Georgia Department of Natural Resources Law Enforcement rangers responded to two incidents on the water in Decatur County on Sunday.

The first incident happened at about 1:30 p.m. A man and his wife were operating an airboat on the Spring Creek, about 200 yards south of Yates Springs, when the air boat malfunctioned and it traveled onto the river bank and into some trees, said Ranger Tony Cox of the DNR’s Albany unit.

The man was injured and initially taken to the Donalsonville, Ga., hospital by ambulance. He was later taken to a hospital in Dothan, Ala., according to Ranger Cox.

“It’s possible he made have had some internal injuries, but I think he’s going to be OK,” Cox said.

The second incident happened at about 7:30 p.m. Sunday. A teenage boy was wakeboarding at about 15 miles per hour on the Flint River, about 1 mile north of the Earle May Boat Basin. The boy fell off his board and took “a bad spill” into the water, according to Cox.

“I think it knocked the wind out of him for a minute and he swallowed some water,” Cox said.

Fortunately, the boy was otherwise uninjured.

As always, DNR Rangers would like you to remember these tips out on the water:

  • Don’t operate a boat if you’ve been drinking
  • Make sure everyone on board, especially children, are wearing life jackets at ALL TIMES
  • Remember the “Rules of the Road” out on the water and keep an eye out for other boats and personal watercraft

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  1. It is a sad thing, that the serene beauty of Spring Creeks is being disturbed by the noise similar to a jet engine. That’ll make the fish bait jummmmmmmmmp right back into you boat!!

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