Thomas County and Cairo hold football practices in pads

Thomas Co. Central Continues Midnight Madness

The storm attempted to cancel Thomas County Central’s Midnight Madness for the first time since the tradition started in 1991, but it failed to do so as players took the field in pads for the first time this offseason a little after 12 a.m. on Aug. 1. Read More at WTXL  or See Video of practice

Syrupmakers infuse buzz with midnight practice
CAIRO — Despite the rain and a football field that was like a wetland in places, it felt like Friday night football was already back. Even if it was very early Saturday morning.

First-year head coach Steve DeVoursney and the Cairo Syrupmakers had a long day, going from the second day of the school year Friday to afternoon practices, film study, meetings and the school’s first midnight practice as the clock turned to Aug. 1, the first official day Georgia high schools can practice in pads. Read More at Thomasville Times-Enterprise or
See Video of practice

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