Power outage on Shotwell Street in Bainbridge on Tuesday

14375027647380The power went out along Shotwell Street in Bainbridge at around 2 p.m. Tuesday, leaving some businesses in the dark.

The power outage only seemed to affect the part of Shotwell Street East of downtown, and also caused traffic lights at several busy intersections on Bainbridge’s main road to go out.

Bainbridge Public Safety officers responded to direct traffic at the intersections where traffic lights weren’t working. Georgia Power and City of Bainbridge Public Works employees could be seen working on the power problem.

Joe Truhett with the Bainbridge Georgia Power office said he isn’t sure what caused the outage yet. He said something locked up the circuit; it could be something as simple as a large tree branch on a line somewhere.

GA Power is testing the power circuit to try and locate the problem, Truhett said. Power was restored in an area near the Bainbridge Mall; however, a good portion of east Bainbridge was still affected by the outage as of 2:45 p.m., including the intersection of U.S. 84 East and College Road.

Truhett said the outage was *not* related to a power line upgrade that contractors are working on where U.S. 84 East meets the U.S. 27/84 bypass next to the oil terminials.

“If it was related, we would know where the problem was and fix it right away,” Truhett said.


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