Miss Decatur County pageant raises money for good cause

CLICK TO ENLARGE – Pictured from L-R are: Chloe Barlow- Honorary Miss Decatur County Careygan Palmer- Little Miss Decatur County Valley Faircloth- Teeny Miss Decatur County Carrington Smith- Tiny Miss Decatur County Ashley Feldman- Jr. Miss Decatur County Adysenn Langdon- Miss Decatur County Hospitality Aubrey Smith (sitting)- Baby Miss Decatur County Back Row L-R: Jalyn Harrison-Miss Decatur County Karley Ingram- Teen Miss Decatur County Photo Credit: C. Alday Photography

The Miss Decatur County Pageant was held February 28, 2015 at the Decatur County Memorial Coliseum.

The pageant was dedicated in honor of the late Heather Worek Barlow and Emma Barlow. Each of the contestants made People’s Choice boxes that were located in the lobby. Those boxes were used to collect money for a scholarship fund for Heather’s youngest daughter Chloe, who was the survivor of a¬†fatal car accident that claimed the lives of her mother Heather and her sister Emma in October 2014. We raised $2600 for Chloe’s fund and named Chloe an “Honorary Miss Decatur County.”

Queens are:

  • Baby Miss Aubrey Smith 18 month old daughter of Jessica and Chris Smith
  • Teeny Miss Valley Faircloth 3-year-old daughter of Valerie and Roger Faircloth
  • Tiny Miss Carrington Smith 5 year old daughter of Cecilia and Chad Smith
  • Little Miss Careygan Palmer 7 year old daughter of Lisa and Brian Palmer
  • Jr. Miss Ashley Feldman 10 year old daughter of Priscilla and David Feldman
  • Teen Miss Karley Ingram 15 year old daughter of Stacy and Brooks Ingram,
  • Miss Jalyn Harrison 20 year old daughter of Mandy and Ricky Harrison,
  • Miss Decatur County Hospitality Adysenn Langdon 4 year old daughter of Tim and Nikki Langdon
  • Honorary Miss Decatur County Chloe Barlow 5 year old daughter of the late Heather Woreck Barlow and Katie and Timmy Barlow

The Miss Decatur County¬†pageant director was Jessica Moye Thompson, who expressed her pride in the pageant participants for raising such a large amount for Chloe Barlow’s scholarship fund.

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