Decatur County Prison inmate charged with distributing meth

James Jason Wojciechowski, 44, of Lagrange, Ga. (Photo from Georgia Department of Corrections)
James Jason Wojciechowski, 44, of Lagrange, Ga. (Photo from Georgia Department of Corrections)

An inmate at the Decatur County Prison has been charged with allegedly hiding meth on his person and bringing it back into the prison, according to the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office.

James Jason Wojciechowski, 44, of Lagrange, Ga., was arrested Wednesday and charged with possession of methamphetamines with intent to distribute.

Wojciechowski had been assigned to a roadside work detail, when his guard, George McMillan, received information that the inmate might be in possession of meth, according to Sheriff’s Investigator Brian Donalson.

Wojciechowski was searched and approximately 6 grams of meth was found on his person, Investigator Donalson said. Prison officials requested the Sheriff’s Office investigate the case.

“Six grams of meth is more than someone would have for their personal use,” the investigator said. “In addition, in statements he made after he was arrested and read his Miranda rights, [Wojciechowski] essentially said he intended to pass the meth off to another inmate once inside the prison, which constitutes distribution.”

English: 2 Gs of Tweak
English: 2 grams of meth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Because it would be highly implausible for inmates to be able to cook meth while in custody, Sheriff’s deputies could only assume that someone on the outside dropped off the meth in an area where inmates were working.

“There were a minimum of at least two people involved with having the meth in their possession, in this instance,” Donalson said. “From past cases, we know that often the way it works is, one inmate receives the meth and there is a chain of passing it between inmates until it reaches the inmate who will actually be the dealer on the inside.”

Wojciechowski is serving prison time for multiple burglary convictions out of Carroll County, Ga., according to an online database maintained by the Georgia Department of Corrections. His initial prison stint was from 2007 to 2011, then he was incarcerated again on May 29, 2014.

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