Bainbridge man arrested after police find suspected meth lab in bedroom

Max Dustin Rackley, 25, of Bainbridge, GA
Max Dustin Rackley, 25, of Bainbridge, GA

Bainbridge Public Safety has arrested a 25-year-old Bainbridge man after an investigation uncovered a suspected meth lab in his bedroom, according to an investigator.

Max Dustin Rackley, 25, of 718 E. Evans St., Bainbridge was arrested Wednesday, Jan. 14 and charged with manufacturing methamphetamine and possession of methamphetamine.

Bainbridge Public Safety Investigator Chip Nix said officers were in the neighborhood looking for potential suspects in a string of recent auto break-ins.

“We stopped at 718 E. Evans Street looking for someone and noticed there were some pieces of equipment commonly associated with making meth next to a grill in the front yard,” Nix said. “I could also smell the odor of a meth lab.”

English: Crystal methamphetamine
English: Crystal methamphetamine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

BPS investigators talked with several people inside the home and were given permission by Rackley to search the home. Inside Dustin Rackley’s bedroom, investigators found what Nix described as an active meth lab.

“We also found evidence of old meth labs outside the home, including some pill washes, a generator and some coffee filters that are often used in the meth cooking process,” the investigator said.

One method of making meth involves mixing ingredients inside a two-liter plastic bottle. When the liquid that eventually becomes meth is drained off, a solid waste product is left behind in the bottle; that process is called a pill wash, Nix said.

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