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The following is a summary of recent Bainbridge Public Safety incident reports involving break-ins and property theft:

  • 8/25: BPS Officer Seth Stroup responded to Landmark Apartments, 1604 Miluli Avenue, in reference to damage to property. Someone entered the apartments’ laundry area and attempted to burglarize the machines for the coins they contained. Seven laundry machines and one drink vending machine had marks consistent with the use of a prying tool.
  • 8/24: BPS Officer Hank Day responded to Deep South Pawn and Coin, 1119 East Shotwell Street, in reference to an alarm shortly after 2 a.m. It appeared as if someone had tried to break the business’ glass door by throwing a rock or brick, however the glass did not break and no one entered the business.
  • 8/25: BPS Officer Seth Stroup responded to Family Bank, 800 E. College Street, in reference to stolen property. An employee reported that a BBQ smoker belonging to the bank, which is normally secured, had been taken from the bank’s property.
  • 8/25: BPS Officer Jason Myers responded to 1117 Evans Street in reference to a car break-in. A resident reported that he had walked outside his house and found the driver door of his car open. Shortly after, he realized that his cell phone had been taken. Someone in possession of the phone texted the victim’s wife, and Bainbridge Public Safety officers including Captain James Dollar attempted to locate the person texting on the other end, who gave his name as “Junior.” Investigator Chip Nix is looking into the theft.
  • 8/25: BPS Officer Terry Pait responded to Selman Place Apartments, 509 Gordon Avenue, in reference to missing property. The groundskeeper at the Bainbridge-Decatur County YMCA found the victim’s driver’s license and debit card in woods between Selman Place and the YMCA property, and reported it to police. The victim was not aware that her car had been broken into, but said the theft had to have happened Sunday night. She also stated her car doors were secured and locked.

Sheriff’s Office incidents:

  • 8/25: Captain Greg McMillan of the Sheriff’s Office responded to Cooler Road near its intersection with Hanover Road in reference to someone trying to take two large, 12-volt batteries from a tractor belonging to Decatur County Public Works.
  • 8/23: Sheriff’s Deputy Sam Hughes responded to Aryola Drive in reference to a criminal attempt to commit entering auto. Case turned over to C.I.D. Inv. Cheryl Roberts.
  • 8/20: Deputy Mobley responded to a residence on Paul Evans Road in reference to a stolen vehicle.
  • On August 19, 2014 Sgt. Jason Williams responded to the 2000 block of Vada Rd. in reference to a stolen golf cart. Case turned over to Investigator Ken Davidson.
  • On August 18, 2014 Sgt. Williams responded to the 500 block of E. Griffin Ave. in Attapulgus in reference to an attempted burglary. Case turned over to Inv. Ken Davidson.
  • On August 18, 2014 Capt. Lambert responded to the 2000 block of Dothan Road in reference to a theft. Case turned over to C.I.D. Inv. Cheryl Roberts.


More car break-ins reported

  • 8/19: BPS Officer Christopher Prindle responded to the 1000 block of E. Gate Circle in reference to a car break-in. The victim stated he had a Glock model 22, .40-caliber handgun and a camouflage gun case stolen out of the console of his pickup truck. The gun case also contained a loaded magazine and a pair of gloves. There was no apparent forced entry.
  • 8/18: BPS Officer Ashley McMillan responded to the 1000 block of East Gate Circle in reference to a car break-in. McMillan observed a white pickup truck with its passenger window busted out. However, nothing was reported as missing from the truck.
  • 8/18: BPS Officer Ashley McMillan responded to another car break-in on the 1000 block of East Gate Circle. A resident reported her SUV had its back window broken out. A purse had been left in between the back seats of the SUV, and the purse was found emptied of its contents, including a fairly large amount of cash. BPS Major Robert Humphrey examined possible fingerprints at the scene.


Report suspicious activity

If you want to report suspicious activity within Bainbridge city limits, call Bainbridge Public Safety at 248-2038 or fill out the tip form at the City of Bainbridge’s online Citizen Action Center.

If you live outside Bainbridge city limits, report possible criminal activity to the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office by calling 248-3044 or filling out the anonymous tip form on the Sheriff’s Office website.

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