Bainbridge Public Safety officer retires after 37 years of service

Jerry Carter with Bainbridge Mayor Edward Reynolds
Jerry Carter receives a plaque and gift commemorating his retirement after 37 years as a City of Bainbridge policeman. With Carter is Bainbridge Mayor Edward Reynolds.

Jerry Carter, who has been a Bainbridge police officer since 1977, retired August 15 after serving 37 years with the City of Bainbridge government.

The Bainbridge City Council honored Carter on the occasion of his retirement with a special proclamation read at the City Council meeting on August 19, 2014.

Jerry Carter was promoted to Major in charge of the Patrol Division in June 2012, after having served as interim patrol commander since December 2011. As patrol major, Carter led each patrol shift, focusing on their day to day operations.

Carter has been employed with the city since 1977 and graduated from the Albany Police Division Academy in 1978. During his career with the Bainbridge police department, and later the Public Safety Division, Carter was a patrolman, investigator, shift captain and patrol commander.

“Jerry is a true career person,” Bainbridge City Manager Chris Hobby said. “He rose through the ranks of the Bainbridge police department to almost its highest level.”

Carter attended Savannah State College and Bainbridge College and made the rank of Captain in 1989. Carter was the 1989 recipient of the Montford-Lynn Peace Officer of the Year Award. He was also the City of Bainbridge’s Employee of the Quarter in June 2012.

City Manager Chris Hobby said city officials were “sorry to see Jerry go” but wished him a happy retirement.

“Jerry is a calming influence with so many years of experience. He doesn’t get rattled or excited.”

Hobby talked about how well-liked Carter is in the community.

“I’ve never heard anyone say anything negative about Jerry. People know and respect him. He’s a trusted face. Folks understand that when they have an issue, Major Carter would treat them with respect and fairness. He would listen to them and try and ensure a just outcome. That’s all you can ask for.”

Carter also worked well with other officers.

“When he was a patrol captain, he ran an almost problem-free shift. He treated all his officers fairly and listened to their grievances. That’s really why he ended up as patrol major. He had the ability to coordinate resources and bring people together, recognizing their unique skills and talents. Jerry is a rare individual.”

City employees held a luncheon in Carter’s honor on Monday, August 18. The Bainbridge City Council honored Carter’s service with a special proclamation at the Bainbridge City Council meeting on Tuesday. He was presented with a watch from the City Council, and his fellow Public Safety officers presented him with a fireman’s shield, the crest that is on the front of BPS officers’ fire helmets.

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