Dynamic Living: The Origins of Mayhaw Jelly, Swamp Gravy and How to Live Forever

Joy Jinks, author of Dynamic Aging.

Joy Jinks is a lifelong native of Colquitt, Georgia and has been a part of the Colquitt fabric for almost all of her life.  Her love for her hometown is obvious after just a few moments of conversation.  But she doesn’t just talk about it – she has been an integral part of several significant pieces of Colquitt culture, including the creation of Swamp Gravy and the commercial manufacture of Mayhaw Jelly.

But Mrs. Jinks’ life story is about more than that.  As she puts it, “I was a housewife in the 1950’s, a wife and a mother of three, gotten my Master’s degree in Social Work at age 40, had a career, been an entrepreneur, a community organizer, an international volunteer and a community arts consultant”.  In 2015, Mrs. Jinks wrote and published a book entitled, “Dynamic Aging: I Intend to Live Forever….So far, So Good.” (available for purchase locally at Reeves in Bainbridge).

In this interview, we discuss her life’s journey (including the back story about Swamp Gravy’s creation and her husband’s World War II service) and how it led her down the path of becoming an author.

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