Bainbridge and Decatur County Arrest Reports for Monday, April 23rd, 2018

The following arrests and citations were reported by the Decatur County Jail and Bainbridge Public Safety. The addresses listed below are given to us directly by the Decatur County Jail and Bainbridge Public Safety:

  • Latoya Thronton Anderson, 29, Parkview Dr, Bainbridge, Ga; DUI/Failure to maintain lane/Open container, Miller, GSP
  • Willie Lewis Beasley, 49, MLK Jr Dr, Bainbridge, Ga; Battery, Akins, BPS
  • Walter Shernard Bythewood, 31, Deslin Dr, Tallahassee, Fl; Possession of marijuana/Violation of window tint, Kelly, SO
  • Skywanna Lashay Chapman, 33, Corn Ave, Albany, Ga; Theft by shoplifting, Akins, BPS
  • Maurice Payne Davis, 21, Grant Graham Rd, Donalsonville,Ga; Failure to appear o/c indecent exposure, Myers, BPS
  • Jason Lee Fultz, 20, Brookfield Turner Rd, Tifton, Ga; Theft by taking, Marshburn, BPS
  • Clifford Jarome Kinder, 18, E Broughton St, Bainbridge, Ga; Possession of a schedule II drug/Possession of marijuana, Jackson, BPS
  • Gerald Ashley Lawson, 46, Tallahassee Hwy, Bainbridge, Ga; DUI/Driving while license suspended or revoked/Failure to maintain lane/Obstruction of an officer/Reckless driving, Landrum, GSP
  • George Martin, 57, East Broad St, Climax, Ga; 57, DUI/Driving while license suspended or revoked/Hit & Run, Kelly, SO
  • Thomas Lee Mccormick, 52, Ruth Dr, Bainbridge, Ga; Terroristic threats and acts, Gale, SO
  • Carrell Leon Parrish, 28, E. College St, Probation violation o/c driving w/o license, Akins, BPS
  • Jaykari Tyree Rozier, 19, Butler James Rd, Attapulgus, Ga; Probation violation o/c window tint/Probation violation o/c reckless driving, Akins, BPS
  • Mark Anthony Strops, 40, Slough Loop Rd, Bainbridge, Ga; Failure to appear o/c criminal trespass/Failure to appear o/c simple battery, Walk-In, SO
  • Shelonda Mae Wilson, 35, Campbell St, Bainbridge, Ga; Failure to appear o/c driving while license suspended, Cofer, SO
  • Jimmy Lewis Anderson, 62, Melissa Dr, Bainbridge, Ga; DUI/Striking unattended vehicle/Failure to maintain lane/Hit & Run/Reckless driving, Prindle, BPS
  • Kamar Anthony Facey, 33, Alhambra Blvd, Mirmar, Fl; Possession of marijuana/Driving distracted, Myers, BPS
  • Tiawna Mae Bodeen, 20, Lake Carroll Dr, Donalsonville, Ga; DUI – Under 21/Reckless driving/Failure to maintain lane/Alcohol furnishing to persons under 21, Myers, BPS
  • Paula Gordon, 42, Chason St, Bainbridge, Ga; DUI/Failure to obey stop/yield sign/Failure to maintain lane, Prindle, BPS
  • Roger Lee Tyler Jr, 44, Dupree St, Bainbridge, Ga; Loitering or prowling, Miller, BPS
  • Shantira Bre’Anna Webb, 22, Palmetto St, Bainbridge, Ga; DUI – Drugs/DUI – Child endangerment/Failure to maintain lane/Possession of marijuana, Prindle, BPS
  • Leius Orteiz Wilcher, 26, W Orange St, Bainbridge, Ga; DUI – Drugs/Possession of marijuana, Prince, BPS
  • Reid Wilder Poitevent, 18, Twin Lakes Dr, Bainbridge, Ga; Alcohol – Furnishing to, purchase of, possession by persons under 21, Marshburn, BPS
  • Henry L Holt III, 18, River Oaks Dr, Bainbridge, Ga; Open container/ Alcohol – Furnishing to, purchase of, possession by persons under 21, Marshburn, BPS
  • Michael Alfonzo Jones, 23, Old Pelham Rd, Bainbridge, Ga; Obstructing or hindering an officer/Loitering prohibited, Myers, BPS

DNR = Department of Natural Resources

BPS = Bainbridge Public Safety

GSP = Georgia State Patrol

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