Decatur County Man Convicted in 2016 Murder Case


This press release is in regards to the Trial and Investigation of Demarcus Glenn.

On April 29, 2016, Quentieria Knight was found shot to death in her car on Zorn Road, Bainbridge, Decatur County.  The Decatur County Sheriff’s Office and the GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigation) conducted an extensive investigation and developed Demarcus Glenn, a fellow employee at Elberta Crate, as a suspect. Glenn and Knight left work at Elberta Crate at approximately 11:30 P.M., April 28th, 2016 together.  The GBI was able to gather surveillance videos and GPS coordinates of the route the two took, with no stops, to the final resting place on Zorn Road with no stops.  Glenn was seen minutes thereafter on surveillance entering the store nearby, Mr. Pips.  A search warrant of his residence discovered the firearm involved, which was matched to ballistics at the scene of the crime.  Additionally, the firearm was linked to a previous homicide where Marcus Bell was killed.  Glenn purchased the firearm in 2014.

Glenn was indicted and tried for Malice Murder, Felony Murder, Aggravated Assault, and Possession of a Firearm during the Commission of a Felony.  Joe Mulholland, District Attorney for the South Georgia Circuit, tried the case for the State.  Guy Terry, Attorney from Valdosta, tried the case for the defense.  After a three day trial, the jury convicted Glenn on all counts.  Judge Heather H. Lanier heard arguments in aggravation of sentencing.  Mulholland argued that Glenn was a cold-blooded killer, incapable of rehabilitation.  Mulholland asked the Court to sentence Glenn to Life without the Possibility of Parole.  Judge Lanier agreed, and sentenced the defendant to Life without the Possibility of Parole plus 5 years consecutive on the gun charge.

Joe Mulholland had the following to say:

“As District Attorney for the past fourteen (14) years in the South Georgia Circuit, I have rarely seen such a heartless, unforgiving defendant.  Demarcus Glenn is going to spend the rest of his natural life behind bars where he belongs.  I hope other criminals see this and realize that we will keep our community safe, and send violent criminals to prison for as long as the law allows.  I am glad that Ms. Barbara Knight and all of the friends and family of Quentieria Knight will know that her killer will never see the light of day.  I want to thank first the jury for their service.  I also want to thank the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office, Public Safety, and GBI for their hard work in this case.  GBI Special Agent Hank Day of Bainbridge made my job easy.  Considering this was his first major case, I feel confident he has a bright future in law enforcement.”



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