Pecans Falling on Public Property? Don’t Pick Them Up!

Contrary to popular belief, pecans that fall on the public right of way are not public property. The pecans belong to the owner of the tree, regardless of where they fall.

On Wednesday, Decatur County Sheriff Wiley Griffin posted a warning on facebook to those that may be tempted to collect those nuts that have fallen on the public right of way.

According to the University of Georgia, “Georgia is the nation’s largest supplier of pecans, accounting for about a third of U.S. pecan production. An average pecan harvest in Georgia is about 88 million pounds – enough to make 176 million pecan pies.”

Georgia’s pecan crop recently took a massive hit thanks to Hurricane Irma.  Many state and federal estimates indicate a $100 million loss.  According to Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black, many trees were nearing harvest with a bumper crop when the hurricane hit in September, devastating the 2017 yields as well as destroying many trees that will take generations to replace.




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