BPS: Burglary in Bainbridge

Cridarrion Vonkeivius Byrd, age 18. Photo Courtesy of Bainbridge Public Safety.
Cridarrion Vonkeivius Byrd, age 18. Photo Courtesy of Bainbridge Public Safety.

On October 1st around 2:45am, Public Safety Officers were dispatched to the El Changarro located at 813 Evans Street in reference to an alarm.  Officers observed an open door to the business and damage around the lock, as well as shoe prints in the sand.  Inside the store a deadbolt lock was found on the floor 6 to 7 feet from the entrance, and several items were knocked over.  A wooden chisel was lying on the counter, and a cash register was missing.

The owner of the business, Rudy Cruz, was called.  When he arrived on scene, he determined that the register that was missing contained approximately $150.00, and stated that the chisel found on the counter did not belong to him.

Cruz allowed officers to look at security camera footage, and they viewed a black male ride a bicycle into the yard and lay it on its side.  The male was caught on video attempting to open the door to the business at 2:16am.  Shortly thereafter, entrance was gained into the business.  He is seen placing a chisel on the counter, then taking the register and exiting the building.

Footprints showed that someone had exited the building and headed toward a vacant home located nearby at 817 Evans Street.  Officers began searching the area, during which time Officer George McMillan peered through a back window of the house and saw a male laying on a couch.  Officers determined the male to be the same one seen on the security video.  They surrounded the house and while shining a flashlight in his direction, commanded him to open the door.  He responded by running into another room, forcing officers to break open the back door to gain entry.  Cridarrion Vonkeivius Byrd, age 18, was located while trying to hide in a bedroom.  He was arrested and charged with Burglary (Felony) and Possession of Tools for the Commission of a Crime.

A search of the house resulted in the discovery of the stolen cash register.  It is believed that Byrd also burglarized a nearby business, located at the intersection of Scott Street and Green Street, just the day before.  Investigation is still ongoing.

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