BPS: Man Arrested on Weapon, Drug Charge

A Dodge Charger is one of the models in the Bainbridge Public Safety

A Bainbridge man was arrested in the early morning hours of Wednesday, September 27 after Bainbridge Public Safety Officer Jayson Myers observed what he believed to be a suspicious interaction.

According to the incident report, PSO Myers observed two men standing in the road at the intersection of Monroe and Pine Streets, conducting what he believed to be a “hand to hand” transaction.  At the time, PSO Myers was on the phone with PSO Jason Hayes and requested he come to his location.

As Myers approached the subjects, the two men left in different directions.  One man, identified as Thomas Kirksey, began walking away “in a rapid manner” and according to the incident report, “bladed his left side away from Myers and began to conceal something in his waistband”.  At that time, PSO Myers rolled down the window of his patrol car and asked Kirksey to approach the car.  Kirksey continued to walk away and walked behind a bush where PSO Myers observed him make a “tossing motion”.  Kirksey then walked back into the street and voluntarily got on his knees.

With PSO Hayes on scene, Myers checked behind the bushes where he observed the “tossing motion” and discovered a .38 Special revolver with one shell casing inside that had already been fired.  Myers then handcuffed Kirksey and placed him under arrest.  While searching the suspect, Myers located 3 bags of suspected Molly, which later field tested positive.

Thomas Leanard Kirksey III, 26, was charged with possession of a controlled substance (felony), possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime (felony) and carrying a weapon without a license (misdemeanor).

*Information for this article was obtained directly from the Bainbridge Public Safety Incident Report*

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